Litsea & Lemongrass Shampoo


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We are proud to present to you, our own shampoo bar.

It is:

* Vegan

* Made and produced in Sweden

* Organic

* No hard ingredients in the skin or nature

* Low impact on the inviroments

* No plastic

* No alcohol / paraben / Chlodire / PEG, a.s.o.

It is exclusive handmade by a small family business.

And one other good thing about it is that it lasts for a long time.

It contains essential oils that help you get rid of itchy skin and clear bacteria from your dreadlock.

I know you will LOVE it!

We got tired of companies claiming that their product was organic, good for the inviroment and your skin, when in fact we found the opposite when we took a closer look at it. That’s when we decided to put all our energy into creating the best shampoo that matches all our standards we want on a quality product.

Coconut oil*, Rapeseed oil*, Water, Sodium hydroxide, Olive oil*, Castor oil*, Thistle oil*, Essential Litsea*, Argan oil*, Essential Lemongrass*

*Means Organic

We have selected this oils for their moisturizing qualitys of the scalp. Dry scalp increases sebum production and the hair quickly becomes greasy after washing.

Castor oil also provides cleansing of the hair and scalp. Argan oil helps to recover split ends.

Litsea and Lemongrass essential oil can help you if you have oily, impure scalp.
It’s also a
ntiseptic and disinfectant.
Enjoy !